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Thread: Girlfriend was Groped by a Friend

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    Originally Posted by itsallgrand
    He's her boyfriend, not her therapist. Has she sought out therapy for navigating this at all?

    It's totally reasonable for a boyfriend to object to his lady voluntarily having contact with someone she personally knows is an abuser. That's not bullying, that's not controlling, that's simply establishing boundaries he has with a partner.

    You can support a person without supporting every single decision they may make.
    While I get this, we always have a choice in the way we speak 'with' or 'to' or 'at' a loved one. Our disapproval may be legitimate, but that's not a license to issue orders. I can bark 'stop' AT a loved one and provoke a power struggle, or I can put the preservation of our relationship above alienating the very person I want to influence.

    When it comes to any relationship I'd want to keep, I'd rather opt for a respectful approach that raises my odds of gaining cooperation, and I'd rather keep in mind that 'we' are on the same side.

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    Thanks to all who contributed. I now know what Iíll do and have definitely gained the insight I was seeking. Cheers!

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    Hope it all works out for the best. Take care.

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