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Thread: Video Game Addiction

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    Sorry guys was too busy with school work to check phone , I have decided to sell the system and put the money towards something useful , thank you all for the advice :)

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    Originally Posted by Randomguy20551
    This is taking over my life and seeing as it is my final year of school I want to do well, but...
    Anything after the 'but' is an excuse. It's really not helpful to think of 'this' as some outside influence that's happening 'to' you or taking over your life. It's a series of decisions that you make rather than some phenomenon that's depriving you of your own power of choice.

    You either want to do well in school badly enough, or you don't. Procrastination away from stuff we don't feel like doing may be a habit, but debating whether it's a physical addiction over which you don't possess control isn't useful.

    Instead, I'd switch any statements that include the words "I can't" to "I won't" for accuracy. Then I'd reward myself each time I make a better choice. For instance, "I'll give myself an hour of playtime AFTER I complete 'x' portion of my homework," and then start the homework to earn the reward. You'll sometimes find yourself motivated enough to complete all or more of the work, so then you can decide to give yourself extra reward time for finishing all of it.

    You can use this reward system to transform any pleasurable habit into a motivator to complete any kind of task, or even better, to reward yourself for pursuing an outside social life that will train your 'pleasure' focus to include other things beyond the game.

    Also consider that your tuition covers mental health counseling on campus, and you've already paid for the service. So you may want to reward yourself for making the appointment, and then reward yourself again for keeping it. Over time you can expand your ideas about a more useful reward system for getting anything else in your life done to your own satisfaction.

    Head high, and make a decision to keep your word to yourself every time you set up a reward. You'll thank yourself later, and you'll teach yourself to trust your own word, as well as your own power of choice.

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