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Thread: Feeling like I need to let my hair down.

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    Originally Posted by Batya33
    I really like that you went back to basics to have fun -makeup and retail therapy!
    It helped! I bought clothes that I feel sexy in for work and going out. I went to a rave on Saturday night, last minute spur of the moment thing, then went wild swimming in a local reservoir!

    Definitely not feeling so boring now. I am feeling better and I think it is showing. Somebody told me I was very bubbly and someone else asked if I wanted to get intimate. I’ve been feeling less flat and inhibited. I have booked that pole dancing course for Mondays beginning in November and will be going to a theme park too.

    I think I need to find the balance where I can be sensible and take care of myself and be taken seriously at work and by potential dates in the future. I went to sleep early on Sunday night because I had little sleep on Saturday and was very conscious to be gentle with myself and eat well, since little sleep heightens my vulnerability. That seems like a good compromise. Go ¬ďwild¬Ē but don¬ít let it snowball into wreckless behaviour and compromising my mental health. Just occasionally dip my toe into the murky sess pool of wanton abandon. Harder to drown that way 🤣

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    Originally Posted by thornz
    Yes Iím looking for balance, thatís why I asked for suggestions as most of the stuff I can think of is, well just not very smart. I have no idea what kind of spontaneous fun you can have thatís not going to end up in jail or hospital lol
    restrict yourself from illegal activities, set a curfew.....you can live freely w/o becoming a criminal dude

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