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Thread: Do you think she's interested?

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    Do you think she's interested?

    So... I was taking a class with this one girl, and towards the end of it we started talking more. She would call me out in front of the class if she liked something I had to say (something she did with no one else), told me to my face she found me really funny, and always seemed genuinely interested in what I had to say. The only downside I knew with her would be that she came off as a bit of a flake (came to class late, would ask questions in our class email group but never said anything once someone responded or she'd always respond super late, always seemed all over the place). Genuinely good-hearted from what I gathered, but a flake.

    We began taking another class together and started talking even more because of it, and I was planning on asking her to hang out after class one day, but of course when I decided on that, she ended up having to drop the class due to her work situation. I reached out to her not too long ago about meeting up to catch up, just the two of us. Her response seemed like she was genuinely interested in meeting up with a fairly thoughtful response asking how I was doing and what was new with me. However, she couldn't meet the night I suggested, and she suggested "how about next week?" immediately after.

    When I responded that I was good to meet up that next week, I never heard back from her. However, she does follow me on social media and would still regularly "like" anything I had to post throughout the week (not that social media necessarily means anything, but figured this was worth adding). When it came to the make-up day, I followed up, but never heard from her until the last second, in which she cancelled, apologized for both the poor communication and the late cancellation, and then suggested, "I'm going to be gone for a few weeks but when I come back let's catch a movie." I haven't heard from her since - again, other than outside of social media likes, which may not necessarily count towards anything. Again, this seems to fall in line with the flaky personality I mentioned earlier.

    Does it seem like she's still genuinely interested in meeting up? Even if it's just as a friend? My reasoning is that if you were truly blowing someone off and didn't actually want to meet up, you wouldn't suggest doing something at a later time or suggesting a make-up day to do something. I would think that if she truly had no interest whatsoever, she'd say, "I can't, sorry," and leave it at that.

    Thoughts? I'm being realistic and trying not to get my hopes up too high obviously, but thought I'd get some other people's opinions. Seems like this could go either way.

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    Ask her on a real date.

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    Sounds like she's busy. If she was too busy for class, then she leads a busy life.

    Like Wiseman2 said, ask her on a real date. Get to know her a little better. Send her some text messages while she's away. If you know she's going to take time to respond, then factor that in and don't expect an immediate response. And, yeah, invite her to something more than just "would you like to hang out?"

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