Actually you sound healthy to me. It is normal to seek a mate, and you tried but the guy was wrong. You are probably lonely for a loving connection. I am too when not in a relationship. It's especially hard after a break up, because you saw possibilities and you put in effort on your end but it failed. I don't think you are pining over that guy, you are pining over a lost promise of love. It is normal to be emotionally available, to seek out a mate, to seek a loving connection. I believe people should be paired up, and that it is ok to have needs, to be vulnerable. A balance of strength and softness will get you through life with beauty. If you have a lot to give, you will find another guy, someone more suitable for you. Understand that you cannot rush these things. It happens when it happens. I actually pray for love. I am not ashamed to admit I wish for a good relationship. In the meantime, while waiting for Prince Charming, you might as well get some work done?