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Thread: How to deal with jealously with a female friend that I know since many years

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    Oct 2015
    Thanks for all the answers, they were very helpful to clarify ideas.

    Just to be clear, I was not really considering neither continue doing solo trips with M, nor cutting out the friendship totally...

    I am thinking the main thing is to make my gf trust me and feel secure in our relationship.... but I guess I shouldnt try to "convince her" to trust me on that, but it should come with time when my gf sees that I am dedicated to her and have clear boundaries with other females....

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    If your girlfriend is concerned about M because she has been trusting in the past and got hurt, that's different to her being a naturally suspicious person.

    I think it's fine to have opposite sex friends if they're supportive of your relationship, you're open about meeting them (as you would be with any other friend) and the partner's at least invited if you're meeting up with them. (My partner has a couple of female friends who I don't like very much, and I've no problem with him meeting up with them at all - as long as I don't have to go!)

    It starts to get into murky, painful waters when you're continuing a friendship from which your partner's excluded and you start being secretive about it; if that's the case, I can totally understand why she doesn't like it. If you arrange an activity where these two girls meet, and you do something nice together, and you're making it obvious who your partner is... and your girlfriend still doesn't like it, then you need to reevaluate your relationship.

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