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Thread: One big international trip or multiple local road trips?

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    Originally Posted by Rihannon
    I love the idea of taking the train. It's especially great in the winter for long drives because you don't have to worry about icy roads at night. I've only done it once, taking a train up to Chicago with a big family group. It was lovely because we all would not have fit into one car. On the train, we got to talk to everyone and relax. Train trips can end up taking longer than driving, though.
    Oh, waaaaaay longer than driving--that's why I suggest the sleeper car. You're not just stuck in a seat, you can stretch out and read, watch something on your ipad or whatever, or lay down and take a nap if you want. It's an adventure in and of itself.

    When I used to take the train to college, they never ran on time. However, there was a bar car and a smoking car, so I spent long hours talking to random strangers on the journey. I had a lot of interesting conversations that way.

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    Originally Posted by Rihannon
    I never said I wanted to go to South America. I said I did NOT want to! Neither of us does! And he doesn't have chronic pain, he has a chronic illness. It flares and goes into remission.
    He has a chronic illness that often makes life painful and he drops out of or declines from activities because of it -- same difference. I don't see based on your previous threads, complaining how your husband never does anything with you because he cancels at the last minute because he doesn't feel well is a good leap to talk about international travel.

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    If I were you, I'd save up for one big international trip to another country. Here are some tips to travel on a budget:
    - Use [Register to see the link]
    - Research all transport options
    - Use local transport instead of luxury or tourist options
    - Book ahead
    - Stay out of season
    - Use a budget hotel chain, hostel or Airbnb
    Hope my tips help you budget your trip this summer

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