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Thread: Getting Therapy to help heal my heart

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    Someone I work with is overweight. She's 5' tall and about 300 pounds. She says she's "tried" diets but they "don't work". I've seen what she eats...pizza, hot wings, quesadillas, chips with cheese dip, cheeseburgers. And huge desserts. The other night she ate a double hot fudge sundae.

    She's told me she eats her feelings. She is a single mom and would like very much to reconcile with her child's father but he has no interest in reconciling. And she tries to date but unfortunately the men see her weight and do not call her again. It's too bad because she's a neat lady.

    Anyway, she has opted for the weight loss surgery. It's probably going to work for a while, but if she doesn't get to the root cause of what makes her turn to food instead of a hobby, a sport or something healthier she will end up right back where she started.

    This is a very long winded way of saying I think you are on the right track. I think getting to the root of your issues will result in your life going the way you want it to. Including getting fit. And who knows...you might meet a really cool guy too!

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    Sorry to hear about that. I was together with someone who also suffered from anxiety, but it got worse to the point where she would get verbally abusive on a weekly basis. She would say the worst things you could imagine, even sending me a naked picture of a her teaching assistant I guess she was cheating with and told me he is way more educated than me....

    Anyways, what I learned is that time is your best friend. Sure it hurts now, but after a while it will definitely get better....and then you will be at a place where I am now thinking how was it possible I even dated such a person?!

    I also gained some weight during that relationship as well. I eventually did manage to lose 17 lbs with the keto diet along with a bit of bicycle riding....Keto is not for everyone though....

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