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Thread: Ex was abusive; why canít I let him go

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    Good you moved out and found your own place. He can't file a restraining order without some evidence that you were a threat to him. It doesn't ruin your career, it keeps you away from him, his residence and his workplace. It does not affect your career.

    You need to acknowledge your role in this from chronically threatening divorce, emailing him, chasing and harassing him etc. refusing to leave or get divorced and focusing on running around with men to attempt to get him jealous and "fight for you"

    "No contact"? Why not file for divorce? You need much better emotional and legal support than whatever you are currently getting. He tried to kill you and you want him back?
    Originally Posted by melodysparks
    he filed one first to try and ruin my career. I moved out and into my new place. I am tying to go no contact with him. I have moments where I miss him and want to call him. And the emails are stupid of me; I get that.

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    Update: Iíve filed and stuck with it. Since then, Iíve made peace with the whole thing. I started dating again. Have a boyfriend now who is kind and doesnít scream when heís upset. Still dealing with the ptsd of having an abusive ex. Am still seeing a therapist to help me with my communication and with my anxiety. To anyone who is going through what I went through, it gets better. The feelings of loss are normal. It does eventually start to feel better, maybe not ever all the way better. I still get nervous when I can tell my bf is annoyed but I do grounding exercises my therapist taught me and tell myself that he isnít my ex. I found someone I can be open and honest with. But if I didnít, Iíd be fine with being alone.

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