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Thread: What does he want from me?

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    What does he want from me?

    So I met this guy on Tinder, we met about 2 weeks ago. We met for a coffee and we went for a park walk. He kept saying that I have cute eyes and that I was cute.

    After he left my home, we kept messaging later at night. Later on, it was really late, he sent me a text, and I went to sleep and I didn't respond. the next morning, I found out that my imessage turned green, i asked him a question he didn't answer, assuming that I was blocked. but then later I said what'up, its back to imessage again. we kept on messaging, apparently, he didn't know I asked a question. why did he block me?

    A week after we met again, we hung out and found out that he's leaving for Germany. I don't get what he wants from me, now that he's leaving, he keeps messaging me and asking me what I am doing and stuff, he seems like he really keen to talk to me. And every message is a question every single day, I feel like its too much. I thought he wanted to be friends with me or something, then this is fine with me, cause I think he is a nice guy. But I asked him "I guess I am one of your friends". he said haha maybe, you have special privileges though. I don't understand that.

    one time he told me that he was going somewhere, and i said cool cool with a fullstop, and then he said "sassy fullstop". i don't get what that means?

    I don't know why this gives me anxiety. In full honesty, I like him because he seems to be ambitious and got his life really organised. But I don't really know where that leads, it's confusing. I don't want to ignore him, then maybe he may get angry at me or something. and i don't want to say like we should end this or something, i always don't know how to handle this kind of situations, it will make me very upset too.

    what should i do?

    thanks for reading, I really appreciate your help.

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    I think he's looking for a boyfriend, but if he's going to Germany, I don't think you should pursue this. You barely know him and an Internet relationship just doesn't work, especially with such a long distance between you. He also may be looking for a quick hookup as a send-off. If you're looking for a long-term relationship, this guy isn't it.

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    He's looking for sex. It's Tinder. Tinder isn't an app for making friends. The special privileges he is referring to are sexual in nature.

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