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Thread: What is this?

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    I love the line about having three children despite it only being a one-night-stand... either his 'swimmers' have supernatural powers or you're both living in a fantasy world to rival the gaming one!

    It's a shame that you'll have to give up someone you do have a connection with, even if its only in the imagination, but you still need to give that up. You've never met this guy, don't really know what makes him tick, only have the world he presents to you. As others have said, you need to meet guys in the real world and in time you'll realise what a fantasy this all is.

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    I guarantee he has at least 2 or 3 other online "girlfriends".

    Good thing you don't really know him, will never meet him and have no emotional involvement with him.

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    You feel so sucked in right now but I can guarantee you once you effectively 'detox' from this addictive fantasy relationship with this guy you will feel so much better for it, and it will happen quickly. Just examine the realities of you forging a real life relationship with this guy. You leave the states and come to the UK. You have to live in his area as he has three kids to care for. You become step mum to three very confused kids who have no idea who you are or where you've come from. The whole community will hate you as you will be the other woman and you will have absolutely no friends or family to support you. Then he may be very reluctant to start a family of his own with you as he already has three kids and will have absolutely no money as he's already committed to a monthly expenditure of three child support payments. Furthermore, I assume you have no idea what he looks like and you could have no physical attraction for him whatsoever - he could be totally catfishing you on looks, age, job etc. And he has already demonstrated some questionable life choices by staying with a woman he had little feeling for but then gone on to impregnate her a further two times and then subsequently ignore in favour of gaming and communicating with other women. Not to mention the time this takes away from him being a proper father to these innocent children. I could go on..!

    I live in the UK so if you'd like to give me his name and location I'll happily pop round and put my foot through this scumbag's console - do everyone a favour.

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    I'm sure I'll receive some crap for it, but I'm gonna go against what everyone else is saying. Kind of.

    I do believe that they are correct in thinking he is not being upfront with you. I do believe him to probably be lying to you about the depth of their relationship.

    However, I don't think there is anything wrong with forming online relationships that you're genuinely interested in. Its nice to look forward to speaking to someone or to know he will be waiting for you online. I do think you need to set boundaries with him and within yourself. Tell him that you genuinely enjoy gaming and talking to him but that it can't be of a sexual nature. Don't let yourself get wrapped up in it. Know that it won't go anywhere. Just go with it until you're bored.


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    Oh my.
    Can I just say that with a few minor changes, I am in the same boat. Guy is on the other side of the country, so not the UK, but still far.
    To be honest, its not going to go anywhere. He isnt going to leave his kids.
    If you are okay with continuing the chatting as is, then you have a friend with online benefits... but look for someone in your time zone that is going to be able to commit to you.

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