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Thread: Cannot get excited about anything

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    Jul 2018

    Cannot get excited about anything

    I know I have depression and I do take meds for it. However, even with the medication I have absolutely no compunction or drive or whatever you want to call it to leave my house. I used to get excited to do things, now I am not. I am a new grandma, my grandbaby makes me happy, which hopefully means that part of me is still there, I just cannot access it for everything. I want to get excited to go on outings. I want to find events that I really WANT to go to..... I am just newly disabled due to back issue that has plagued me since I was a teenager, so that is one reason I stay at home. When I am out and about I cannot do too much walking or stairs. I have had Gastric bypass so I have to be careful eating because my blood sugar might tank and I need to eat sugar and ride out the symptoms like sweating, dizziness, weakness, disoriented and feeling faint. It just makes going anywhere a chore, I have to bring everything with me including meds for my back/legs, etc. I do not know if anyone out there can relate, but if there is, please offer any advice you can think of. Thanks

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    Jun 2018
    I cant relate... but I do have chronic illness and I know for my changing my diet has been such a huge step for my, not just physically with health stuff, but also it boost me emotionally. I feel like I have power back in my life, like I can take control of my situation and do something about it. It takes small steps, and honestly making this post was the first one! Reaching out! So, congratulations on making the first step and reaching out for help.

    Also, do you have any hobbies that you can do at home? by yourself? are you a people person or do you like being alone?

    If your grandkids give you energy and helps your heart feel alive, maybe try to see them as often as you can? it will bring you life and Im sure they will love it too!!

    hope all this helps! Thanks for reaching out!!

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    Boston, MA
    I understand a little about what you're going through. I've had some health issues for several years and the last year I've been stuck at home a lot. It's difficult to do things when you're tired and sore all the time. And it's easy to keep putting off things especially since one day just flows into another and another. I guess I'm lucky because my wife drags me out of the house to go shopping and other places.

    I think you need someone too who will drag you out of the house, whether it's friends or family. Or establish some sort of routine where you have coffee every morning at a local cafe and you physically have to get dressed and drive there. Maybe you meet someone for lunch two or three times a week. Maybe you force yourself to go out and buy lottery tickets a couple of times a week. You need something that keep you alert and active.

    As RobertMundan asked, do you have any hobbies you can focus your attention on? Maybe writing a journal or researching your family history? It's good to have activities and goals.

    There's no simple answer, but ultimately, it's our own responsibility to do anything we can to stay active and vital for as long as we can.

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    Apr 2018
    I understand how you feel. I too, suffer from depression but my issue is that I had people in my immediate circle who tore me down, instead of build me up. I agree with the other posters here. You really need the help of positive supportive people in your life that will get you up and out of the house. You also need to better personal time management, hobbies and a routine, as was suggested. I don't believe that the meds alone will do it, you need much more positive reinforcement.

    I have so much to be happy about and yet I'm still in a rut myself. I have met someone that treats me with nothing but kindness-- a kindness that is so pure and genuine that it's indescribable. I also just got approved for the home of my dreams and my family is moving closer to support me, and yet I still have days that I feel very sad. So I will also watch this thread and apply the advice of the other posters. Things will get better, this is just a rough patch that you are going through. Good luck to you.


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