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Thread: Memories of exes

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    Memories of exes

    It's my first time being in a relationship (almost 1 year in now). I wanted to ask anyone who has been or is in a relationship, if they tend to keep photos etc of their previous partners. I don't know what it is like to have an ex, but my boyfriend has had many previous partners before me.. I've discovered that he has kept a profile picture photo of one of his exes saved on his computer, and some photobooth photos of two of exes in one of his drawers. I've also discovered that he has kept an empty but new photo album, meant for his recent ex, as he has written in the photo album a letter for her.

    I haven't told him, but I know I should as it bothers me... but should i be bothered by these? Am I overthinking? Am I just paranoid, someone who cannot steer away from the past? Would these photos and items just remind him of his exes when he sees them? Or are they precious memories that people do like to keep?

    Thank you - all advices from anyone is much appreciated..

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    Platinum Member SGH's Avatar
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    Just memories. He cared for those women, maybe even loved them, and probably had some really good times. It sounds like they are kept out of the way, which means you've been snooping around his stuff. Knock it off before you become an ex too.

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    Stop! You are overthinking!

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    Platinum Member Jibralta's Avatar
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    You may be overthinking. I have photos of my exes, and old cards, gifts, and stuff like that. I do treasure those memories. I was with those guys because I liked or loved them. But it doesn't interfere with my current relationship.

    Originally Posted by hamster1234
    I've also discovered that he has kept an empty but new photo album, meant for his recent ex, as he has written in the photo album a letter for her.
    How do you know the brand new album is meant for his recent ex? I wouldn't necessarily infer that because the letter was in there--unless he inscribed the words on the cover somewhere. And even then, you've left out all of the context of that letter. Did it say, "You are still my undying love" or "Here's an album to replace the one I spilled coffee all over."


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    I probably have photos of every single one of my exes, tucked away in a keepsake box.

    I have no desire to be with any of them. Those are my memories though. Truthfully if anyone challenged that without any provocation would have a flashing red light over them that screams "insecure, will have trust issues and accuse you of cheating ABORT, ABORT'

    Don't do this. It's an unnessesary road to go down. Unless he is giving you a legitimate, keyword legitimate reason to not trust him, respect him and your relationship and trust him.

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