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Thread: “Thank you”

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    Jul 2018

    “Thank you”

    I’ve had my period for over a week because I removed my IUD.
    Tonight (6 days in) my BF asked me for a blowie...no problem.
    When he finished he said “thank you”.
    Is it too sensitive to feel like ,”wow really thank you, like you thank the girl at the drive through that gives you your coffee?”
    Or is he just appreciative that I consider and take care of his sexual needs?
    Men’s answers with be considered more.

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    Jul 2017
    Boston, MA
    Well, you know, the second-best time to have sex without birth control is when you're having your period, but that's none of my business.

    I would ask how nicely did he thank you? Did he say thank you and push you away? Or did he really sound appreciative like you gave him something he really, really needed? Keep in mind that not all women will do that for their guy. He definitely should be appreciative you did that for him and I would hope he does that for you too. So it depends on how he said it.

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    May 2018
    You did him a favor and he thanked you. I don't understand why you are up in arms. I know you basically said you will disregard woman, but in my experience, changing birth control methods or stopping one can make your hormones very wacky for a bit. Have you been feeling more depressed, angry, or paranoid since having the IUD out? You are having a period, which is well-known to induce those feelings.

    Regardless, don't do favors with the expectation of some great return. If a "thank you" does not suffice after head, don't give it while you are on your period and are unable to get head afterwards.

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