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Thread: Began to scream unknowingly

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    Originally Posted by maew
    Yes please get help.... night terrors, random shouting, high anxiety are extreme reactions to the frustrations of the first year of marriage. I assume there is more to the story, either of your marriage or yourself and your past. For whatever reason you did marry this person, so I assume you love her and want to spend your life with her... before you make any drastic decisions get your mental health and wellness under control. Even if that doesn't solve the problems in your relationship it will at least enable you to feel more stable and grounded in this situation.
    Now having read several of your other threads based on comments here... I can see this has been an issue for you for a long time. You talk about your wife as if she was doing this on purpose to drive you crazy, but she is is just being who she is... and she doesn't want to change for you, or for anyone else. It isn't like she doesn't care about you, but she probably doesn't care enough about the relationship to do anything about her behaviors.

    Based on your comments it seems like having a clean house is very important to you... but it's hard to tell if she really is a slob or she just doesn't clean to your standards. Either way... you won't change her, and she has no desire to change, and nagging is only going to drive you both insane, so you may want to consider getting your own place if you can't handle her mess.

    If she was going to change for you, she would have done it by now.

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    You sound so much like my partner. Seeking help from a professional would be good, but aside from that, talk to your wife about how you feel and let her know how serious your condition is. That would make her understand you better and she'd try to help you.

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