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Thread: My husband is hurt and mad at me over my fake social media accounts

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    I won't try to be mean so you feel worse but I think it's Pretty cute. Yes I would be disappointed but I would just give him space and eventually he'll Forget it.

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    I seem to in the minority here because I agree with DanZee

    I don't agree though OP was justified in creating those fake accounts but that's just a symptom of the bigger issue at hand

    OP, your Husband sounds like he might have some issues regarding his moods (depression, anxiety), brooding behaviors, he doesn't seem to have the mental capacity to care for you while you're racing around trying to care for him to the point of obsession.

    When you talked about him not supporting you when you lost your baby, I was shocked. That's not ok. Going through a miscarriage is one of the toughest things a woman could go through. Instead of supporting you he's worried about his music? Huh?

    I think you've forgotten yourself, you've lost yourself in trying to make him happy when his happiness is his own responsibility, not yours. But are you happy? Does he make an effort to support you? Does he go out of his way to care for you? It doesn't seem like it. It seems like he's very much stuck in his own head and tbh, seems a little selfish.

    I do think OP, that you have things to work on to that others have mentioned and it's great that you recognize that. You seem to take full responsibility of your flaws and are happy to work on them. Kudos to you. Just don't forget that a relationship is about TWO people loving and supporting each other. Not just one person giving and giving and the other person, taking.

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