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Thread: am I fully accepted now?

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    Nov 2017

    am I fully accepted now?

    Lon story short I moved into a new school, got into a group of girls and we all got along like thy all friended me on Facebook, a few days ago it was the last day before our last exam and I texted each of the girls individually and in each text I thanked them for making me feel welcome and for being so nice and good friends to me and that I was wondering if they would want to do something sometime and I all of them replied thanking me for thanking them and that they were happy that I came into their school and they all invited me to go and get food with them after our Last exam and I felt so included and I felt that they wanted me, will they invite me to other things or is it clear that they like me as a friend? I have anciety

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    May 2018
    Seems like a good start. Don't overbear anyone and work on assessing who you actually click with. Some of the girls may end up being more receptive to friendship than others and that's okay.

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    Sounds like a good start. Try to be a good listener rather than focusing on what to say next or being concerned about how you are perceived.

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    Sounds great.

    It would also be good if you planned things, too. Don't leave it up to them to always invite you.


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    Relax, chill, enjoy.

    You're doing fine!

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