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Thread: Not sure where to post this....

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    May 2018
    Why are you putting up a man who has been sexting behind your back whilst you pay to keep his addiction alive? I hope you listen to advice here... you'll get some brilliant advice and hopefully find someone who deserves you ...

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    Originally Posted by boltnrun
    Who buys his booze?
    He buys his beer.

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    Originally Posted by jellybean2018
    Hmmmmm too many red flags dear. You deserve better. Im afraid he will not change any time soon and youre not helping him by being an emotional crutch. How does he afford the drink?
    He works full-time and has a side job.

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    Originally Posted by Follower8705
    He works full-time and has a side job.
    So why doesn't he pay rent??? Or get his license sorted out?

    Does all his money go for his booze?


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