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Thread: Okayy #metoo, is this rape?

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    Originally Posted by j.man
    I do appreciate the bucking against extrapolating the concept of patriarchy into some broader culture driving men reflexively rape women. I do think there's plenty we can teach young boys and men to create a better and safer sexual atmosphere, and that we should always be looking for ways, both legally and culturally, to prevent rape and continue the trend of its dwindling prevalence in western society (along with all forms of sexual assault, for that matter), but this idea there's an overarching culture among us that says it's outright cool or even permissible to force yourself on a woman who says no and is struggling inside your car is not only exceptionally cynical-- if not misandric-- but holy ****, talk about fostering a culture of fear to the service of nobody but maybe the alleged patriarchy itself. I mean, even in prisons, there are few surer ways to find yourself on the bottom (in more than one way) than having raped a woman.
    It really bothers me when patriarchy is brought up when someone is discussing what they believe is a rape. The stupid hashtag really bothers me too.

    We are talking about something extremely serious and personal. Not social causes. Not something to be hash tagged. Ugh. That's just me.

    That's why I encourage anyone who believes they've been assaulted to go to professionals. They've been there , and are there, to deal with these things. Therapists. Police. Nurses, doctors. Lawyers.

    People will say, oh but the patriarchy there too keeping me down. Do it and then let's talk, all day long.

    What pisses me off more than anything is women who refuse to DO anything. It wasn't men who turned on me, just one terrible man. But how many women told me it's ok to not do anything. To shut up. To think of his family. Who said, I hear you, it's true, it happened to me to.. and then pretend nothing ever happened.

    My rant because well everyone else is chipping in. People get upset if someone wants a straight story. A straight story - reasonable, and a professional will get it if it's there. I think it's reasonable to question those who just want to spread stories on social media, or in life, but who DO NOTHING.

    No one deserves assault. My thing is, if you are that person thinking you'll just do nothing about it and that's ok - well, imagine if everyone acted instead. Those who assault would be slapped down so fast, so many assaults wouldn't even have the chance to take place.

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    Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared
    Originally Posted by katrina1980
    That's fine if you want to question it, I take no issue with that at all.

    What I do take issue with is your accusing DF of "picking the OP's rape story apart," and "not being helpful," simply because SHE was questioning it.

    To me that sounds a bit hypocritical.

    You are right, none of us are judge and jury.
    I am done. Ok.
    Like everyone else on this forum I can speak as long as respectful. And respectful doesnít mean agreeing with somebody . I wonít discuss that any further . Period.

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    Originally Posted by ~Seraphim ~
    I am done. Ok.
    Like everyone else on this forum I can speak as long as respectful. And respectful doesnít mean agreeing with somebody . I wonít discuss that any further . Period.
    I was done four posts back; you were the one who kept responding! lol

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    Okayy #metoo, is this rape?

    I thought Kat was being respectful.

    I also think OP is open to discussing - in theory - based on the title of her post.


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    Thread has run its course.

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