You don't want to get married (btw, at your age you could change your mind. Some guy might knock your socks off and you may decide to marry him), but he doesn't want any commitment at all. you want him to move in with you and have a future. Someone who doesn't want any commitment at all won't find that attractive. He is 38. He told you he is Peter Pan. One of the factors in dating you perhaps was the fact that you live with your folks -- so no danger of coaxing him to move in.

Guys who don't want to commit can say a lot of flowery stuff to keep you hooked or just because its a pretty picture--- but its all just talk.

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This may be true for some but its not for everyone. I know a few people who live apart and they are still a couple. My colleague at work who sits next to me at work has a twenty year relationship with a man but they have their own houses. They don't live together but they do from time to time stay in one of the houses which suits them when they want to be together.

I chose not to cohabitate before marriage. Its not mandatory.
It seems that he wants to live a solo life, but with monogamous sex.
Listen to him when he tells you he is peter pan and doesn't want to grow up.