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Thread: How to Get over it.

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    How to Get over it.

    I am 17 and last year realised that I liked girls (I am a Girl) however I only realised because I started crushing on one of my best friends who is Bi.. I don't live in a very open minded comunity and I can't actually talk to anyone about it. My group of friends consisted of me my Best friend, the girl I started crushing on, and another girl. The other girl and my crush had a problem and my crush moved away from my group due to this. Since then I found out that my crush does NOT like me in that way but she has no idea i love her.(Long story) all this happened when I came out to her about liking girls. Then i decided not to tell her my feelings and kept all this inside me. I also came out to the other girl and my best friend and they know my crush. I instead moved away from my crush in an attempt to get over her. I started avoiding her alot and i didnt think she would notice. I found out just this week that she thinks I hate her and thats why I am avoiding her. I feel like such a jerk for doing this to her (everyone ditches her and now me too). So I decided to start talking to her again today and I was sort of sure that I was over her (I did avoid her for like 3 months). I thought i was over her but then I got to know that she likes someone else and I feel like crying because I am still not over her and I keep lying to myself. I cant tell her cause my group is slowly fixing back and my best friend and the other girl have expressed their feelings to me that If I did tell her it would ruin the group again and the both of them dont want me to tell her. I understand their points and agree to a certain extent but keeping it to myself is not fixing it or helping me get over her. Pls help me. How do I get over her COMPLETELY without telling her or avoiding her...?

    Ps. It has been a whole year since this crush started and she is my first real crush.

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    The problem is that you can't get over this girl if you're constantly seeing her and talking to her. I know what it's like to crush on someone and not tell them. In any event, she's with another girl, so you would have to break them up if you wanted to date her. What you might want to do is either by text or in person say to the girl: I just want you to know, that I really, really like you. You don't have to say anything, but I wanted you to know that. And maybe you can give her a hug when you've said it. That way she knows that you like her and this could allow you to explain why you were acting crazy around her earlier. And hopefully this will patch up any problems between you. And it'll make you feel better.

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