No contact!!

NC is very difficult when you love someone. But it is sooo helpful. Just cut her off and do not look at her social media! It gets easier every day, especially if you keep busy.

Listen, I was extremely heartbroken over an ex a few years ago. I thought I was going to die of a broken heart it hurt so badly. It was torture anytime we texted or if I looked him up on fb and saw pics of him and the new gf looking so in love, meanwhile, I was still suffering so much. I

One day, I just got mad and fed up over everything. I blocked his number, blocked him from fb, blocked from email, deleted his family and friends from my contacts since we were no longer in touch. I then went thru withdrawal symptoms. I wanted to unblock him, I wanted to creep his fb. But I remained strong. I got over him completely. I could care less about him or his life. I don't know what I ever saw in him or why I loved him so much. It'll be fine to me if I never see him or talk to him the rest of my life, it's fine if he's married now. I simply don't care. It amazes me. I was just madly in love with him and completely and utterly heartbroken when it ended.

You'll get there!