Wanted to give a update, and thanks to everyone who posted. Been awhile since I wrote this, Iím feeling much better, am in a new great relationship, job is going well, and things are pretty good overall. Do I still think about my ex and the life we had? Yes, but way less than I use to. Iím much more at peace with what happened, for no particular reason other than keeping myself busy and time. While Iíll always be sad about what happened, our past life, and her family/friends that I miss, I realized I could either keep let that consume me, or move on and make a new and better life for myself. I guess you can say I hit bottom with my thoughts, realized that, and realized that I didnít want to live like that anymore.

Anyway, for anybody reading this perhaps in the place I was at, realize that no matter what you do it might simply take awhile (in my case two years) before you feel ready to really move on and continue your life. Wish the best for everyone. Getting Ready for a First Date