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Thread: Smoking

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    This thread is 8 months old. Was it revived somehow?

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    Originally Posted by MelanieT
    Hi there.
    I'm new here. Want to share with you my story. Not sure if someone is interested, but I feel so alone

    I've never smoked. Was a good girl. And one day I met a boy. We fell in love as I thought at that time. But what happened next? Everything started great, flowers, romantic dates. But then he revealed his real face. He started to drink a lot. Then smoking, then vaping weed. Everything was getting worse and worse. Of course, till that time I've already fell in love and was just a silly girl.
    I even didn't try to persuade him to stop, because I trusted him. He told that was doing all that just for fun and that he could quit any time. But the reality was different.
    That lasts 4 years. I wanted to return the boy I fell in love with. I didn't want to see that addicted man.

    I was looking for some extra information, for some ways to help. Read hundreds of articles such as on VapingDaily about health effects of marijuana and vaping and smoking and all that stuff.
    Nothing helped. He didn't agree to consult the doctor. That's why I left him. I couldn't live such a life. Now I feel so bad and so alone.
    TotLly missed that bolt.

    Seems this poster redirected the post

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    I know this thread is pretty old, but it's an interesting topic. I wouldn't date a smoker now. An ex-smoker is questionable because it's an addiction and you don't know if someone will revert back to it. This could be true for drugs, alcohol, gambling, so I guess you take your chances. On that, I have used vaping to quit, and I'm still using this. It has worked really well for me. I plan to drop the nicotine level in the next couple weeks or so. I plan to stop vaping as well. There are a lot of habits to let go of, plus the addiction. I will probably maintain vaping as a tool to never pick up another cigarette again. I know how easy it is to start up again when things get stressful or maybe when you're drinking at a party, other smokers, so it's kind of like a backup plan.

    I agree, there was probably more going on with this relationship than just the smoking, but smoking can be a pretty cut and dry deal-breaker. I can't say I'd walk if there was time and history, a long-term relationship, but someone new, I won't actively pursue a smoker. I'm seeing someone who continues to smoke. We met, both smokers at the time. I think he's really working to quit, also with vaping, but his continued smoking isn't really bothering me at this time. I don't know that we're ever going to be a "thing," so it's not hit any priority right now. I'm not bumming any cigarettes, and that's what's important. :) I guess we'll see.

    But as someone who is a few months out of smoking and is actively vaping, it's interesting to know this could be a deal-breaker. I can certainly see why, though.

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    Originally Posted by deedee911
    Would you dump a person that when you fell in love with that person they were vaping. And a few months later they started smoking but never hid it and told the partner. He was very much against it and said it several times. I was working on quitting and was very serious about it but he wasn't supportive at all. He started distancing himself and creating all sorts of grief.
    I would dump them. Then again I wouldn't date a vaper, smoker, pothead. I don't tolerate a lot of alcohol either. I do drink a bit wine from time to time. What's that you say? I'm a hypocrite. Hear that? That's the sound of me caring.


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