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Thread: Girl cancelled first date lastminute

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    Just wanted to give an update. So I unfollowed this girl on instagram, and in no time (literally under five mins) I was unfollowed on instagram myself, blocked on facebook and unmatched on tinder!

    I think this is really creepy.

    All I regret is having waste time on this girl and letting her in on personal information.

  2. 05-05-2018, 05:11 PM

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    Originally Posted by Lucha
    First of all, I’m a gay woman aged 29 with a dissapointing dating history.

    It took eight months for me to decide to start dating again after a bad relationship ended. I had been busy with my house, career, other stuff. I finally mastered the courage to go on a date again, it was scheduled for saturday night.

    During the day I sent a lighthearted text asking what time she wanted to meet, no response so I asked again at around 6pm. She replies an hour later she is still with friends and their plans changed and she would go grab dinner with them and that we’d better postpone the date because it could be late. She apologized for “unforeseen circumstances”.

    By the time I got that response I was already getting ready, so this kind of bothered me. I replied with an “oh ok, we’d better cancel then”.

    Then nothing - no text asking to reschedule.

    Am I high maintenance for expecting someone to follow up on a first date or at least cancel on time (like a day in advance)? Ofcourse I would have understand if she got sick or something happened but this was just her wanting to hang out with her friends longer.

    Ofcourse I am not texting this woman myself again, since her obviously very low interest level. But I mean - awtch. I suddenly remember why I hate dating.
    Hi Lucha,

    I read your thread and decided to respond.

    Firstly, i am sorry that you have had to endure this poor behaviour by that girl. It is not appropriate, decent or acceptable. I propose that you hold out for somebody good who is reliable and not an attention-seeking opportunist.

    Yes, dating can be hard, that is why i generally don't do it, unless i was interested in somebody i met IRL and wanted to hang out / catch up with them, in which case i'd do it with ease.

    I always had one rule when dating online: do NOT stalk their social media, do not add them as a 'friend' and it probably isn't a good idea to give them your surname. Okay, that is more than one rule, let's just call it the social media rule! I also recommend not giving away any personal info, such as deep likes or dislikes, personal dreams, or where you work.

    Just keep it light until you meet.

    Your aim should be to secure a date through OLD, not getting to know them. But women being women, lots of them are fickle and at different stages of the dating game.

    I personally found that OLD did not work for me, due to the false nature of it all. I don't get to see them IRL... I don't get to see them smile, or hear their voice.

    Good luck moving forward. Do not let one crappy r/ship break up stop you from meeting somebody who truly deserves you.

    My one big tip that will save you time and heartache: be very clear about what you want. Set your standards high and do not deviate. Second tip: do NOT wear your heart on your sleeve. Be pragmatic about it. Stand back when you are getting to know someone and see if they will really be there to you.

    Good luck my friend :)

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