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Thread: I Take Break Ups Very Hard

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    Platinum Member milly007's Avatar
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    Jul 2013
    Break-ups can be extremely difficult. When I care for people, I give my all. As a result, I tend to protect and guard my heart to a point where I sometimes wonder if this is one of the main (if not biggest) reasons I'm single. A broken heart is painful.

    I wish I had answers for you, CC. However, if you ever do find out what causes you to get attached, please share. I'd be interested in knowing.

    On a different note, I don't want to detail your thread, but I'm curious - what type of PUA techniques do you use on women that actually work, or are the most successful?

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    Apr 2017
    Until you unbox whatever issues you have and learn to respect women and view us as equals and not projects you will not overcome this cycle. Sorry, you won't. 10 years 2 months a few weeks...

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    Feb 2018
    Originally Posted by Careerchoice
    Incorrect. The teachings of PUA that I learn from apply to all varieties of women. And I never act. It helped me get my ex-wife who I was with for ten years. And I don't know what you mean by a "woman of substance". Care to elaborate?
    You're so categorical it's frightening ! I like you at one point in my life looked into PUA and it did also help me get women, but I didn't want to see that these techniques mostly prey on broken women and
    if you land a good woman by accident, then they suddenly see your real face a few weeks later and aren't interested in someone pretending to be something else !
    Do yourself a favor, get more confident in yourself without using deception, think about it were the tables reversed, would you like being tricked into a relationship by a woman using PUA and suddenly
    realize she's not what she pretended ? You really want to argue using lies and deception is the way to get a healthy long relationship... that's the PUA brainwash.

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