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Thread: Iím I crazy

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    Iím I crazy

    Shortly after my ex boyfriend broke up with me I started telling my friend about what my sex life had been like... everyone knew that he was emotionally abusing me but after I told them more quite a few of my male friends said that a lot of my experience with him sounded like rapethis is how it would normally go, he and I would be making out and I would want to go further he would say that he didnít want to have sex with me and sometimes add in a comment about my looks, because I loved and respected him I was say ok and stop trying to push it. After we had finished making out we would cuddle( by this point we would both in nothing but our underwear) we would lay there for a few minutes and he would joke about the girls at his work being prettier or better at sex then me, I would no longer be turned on or wet ( that makes it hurt) and I would be emotionally exhausted and want to cry because I would feel so unattractive and unwanted. he would roll on top of me and start kissing me again and then have sex with me, threw out sex he would joke about the girls at his work, this happened 5 time and by the second time I started to say stop,that I didnít want to have sex, that he was hurting me and not in a good way...the last time he did it I was crying through out the hole thing and asking him to stop and he finally did( he started do this a few weeks after I had suffered from a miscarriage) after that he went back to being sweet and nice to me and wanting to have forplay and sex. I never consider it rape until after we broke up and 4 of my male friend said that he had. Iím am genuinely curious on if he had rapped me? I really need to know though, he has become more and more aggressive since the break up and Iím afraid that if he had rapped me when we were dating whatís to stop him from doing it now? Thank you for responding and reading, I just need answers

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    I think technically it is rape. From the moment you told him to stop, it's rape. But even worse, he needed to hurt you emotionally as well, insulting you and making you cry. It might be some kind of reaction to the miscarriage, but it doesn't make it right. What do you mean he's become more aggressive? He's still bothering you since he broke up with you? You may need to take out a restraining order on him because it could escalate to where he has some ultimate rape fantasy where he does attack you. You might want to seek some rape counseling and they can tell you what measures you can take to protect yourself.

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