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Thread: I donít want to move!

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    Where do you want to live? You hate NV because your family is there. If you are married with a child you do have a say in things, whether you are working or not. Marriage and parenthood is a partnership. Wherever you go or stay, you'll need to focus on your self reliance a bit more. This means improving the quality of your life through more productive fruitful endeavors. If that means, online or in person classes/courses, finishing your degree, working part-time, whatever.

    However you do need to stop hopping around the country aimlessly. Chronic moving is a wealth killer and destabilizing. If he is no longer in the military or in a profession that requires constant relocation (and relocation is paid for) why all the hopping around? What's the point of it?

    You also need to decide that running away from your own family is not a good reason to hop around, which could be a huge part of your own problem. Make up your mind. Then stand firm in your choice.
    Originally Posted by Halowithspikes
    I met my husband 12 years ago, he was military and stationed in my hometown.
    While taking the TX job, I was excited to hear he had a 2 year contract. He had to stay with the company for 2 years, or he had to pay back the relocation.
    Our daughter is in the 5th grade and has been in 5 different school districts.
    We have moved 3 times in 3 year!

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    Honestly if you are that close to being an RN and therefore gainfully contributing to the family, there should be no excuse for you not finishing. He has made the decision to cart the whole family around the country, you are finally settled where your daughter can get the medical care he needs and he refuses to look at other positions at other companies so you can finish your RN in a year or less and your kids have some stablility. Honestly for everyone saying she needs to contribute more - she is by raising the kids and she can if he would only "let" her finish two more semesters. I am getting the vibe that he prevents her from doing that so he can be in charge. I know a nursing degree when it comes down to the end, to brass tacks, you can't do it online. Basic requirements, perhaps, but not at that point. As a nurse, you could live anywhere in the country

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    Every nurse I've ever met and know well makes bank. He can move, and get set up. It does not mean you all need to move together. He can move, while you and the kids stay.

    My buddy is moving back to NY, but needs to get a job first. So, she is just flying in for interviews with the twins, so they can start school (they start earlier than where we are), and still earning a paycheck at her current job. Her hubs and their youngest is already back here, and setting up his new business. They are grown-ups, and able to survive not living together for a few months for the bigger picture.

    Both are from where I am, and both wanted to move back for years. Both worked out a plan to do so. This was not a fly-by-night decision.

    I'm not sure why you have to move just because your hubs says so.

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