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Thread: 5 months on

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    Dec 2017
    Wow, just reading this made me realise how far I have come in sooooo many ways.
    To start with I'm no longer 69kgs, I'm 85.5kgs and seriously considering dieting lol.
    Mentally I am in a much better place. Sleep is ok and the night sweats have stopped. I have gained strength from somewhere, within maybe? I dunno but I am no longer depressed and no longer yearn for my ex. My feelings towards her at present are those of disgust and disdain mixed in with bits of anger, yes I finally got angry lol. Things are very much the same with her if not worse but anyways I just felt compelled to jot down my current feelings.
    I am much happier and recently became involved with another woman, I reached a happier place and decided to begin the process of sharing myself once again. It's been a few months and things are very slow and mature, just what I needed.

    I think it could of gone either way if I'm honest, I think suicide was not far away unless something changed and something did, it was me. And I'm not trying to sound dramatic, I really was in a bad way, once I started to look after what I could control (me) everything else followed.

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    Very glad to hear you're feeling better Bud*


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