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Thread: I have a friend in danger and I dont know what to do...

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    I have a friend in danger and I dont know what to do...

    Okay, So I am a guy and my friend who is a girl is in a really abusive relationship. They dated for 2 years now and then they broke up, because he lied to here and severely messed up. He started taking pills, smoking weed and threatening to kill himself which all bothers her, plus she still had feelings for him so she got back together with him. He is very controlling, basically wont let her have any friends. She has been acting down and depressed ever since she got back with him so I asked her if everything was alright. Turns out he is very abusive. He lies to her all the time, He calls her a , he tells her to shut up all the time. She has anxiety really bad and always pesters him about smoking weed and stuff, and he gets mad and lashes on her but its not her fault because she cant even trust him because he does nothing but lie. He hurts her so bad and says he doesnt care about her and thats shes annoying. But even at all this she says she still cares about him and wants him to change. She seems to be completely unaware how badly shes being abused. She knows shes being treated bad but shes too afraid to leave him. How do I help her? How do I get her away from him? At this rate hes going to push her over the edge, they fight constantly. Im just looking out for her safety and need help deciding what to do...

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    Did you ask her what she loved about him, and what she gets from this?

    I think you would be better off contacting an abuse hotline for advice.

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    Multiple accounts are not allowed. Thread closed.

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