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Thread: Curious about guys

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    Jan 2018

    Curious about guys


    Im kinda ashamed to ask this.

    I knew I was into girls since I was 14. Ive been battling since then if I was Bi or a lesbian.In that time i didnt have any friends and blocked myself completly from the outside world. Until one day I finally said it all and was honest to myself that I was a lesbian.

    With 19 I had my first girlfriend with hom Im still together and crazy inlove (im 23 now). She had a daughter already when I met her (4yo soon 5 ) and we are raising her togther, the little one calles me mama.

    All those years I was sure of being a lesbian and sometimes making *fun of my girlfriends bisexuality or not lableness. I used to and still do hate her straight experience.
    When in reality Ive been wondering lately how it is having sex with a guy and sometimes have dreams about it. It mostly involves me, her and a guy but her not having anything with him but only me being the one who gets you know ...

    Dont get me wrong I love my GF and our daughter and wouldnt risc our relationship but my desire keeps getting bigger and I dont know what to say. I wouldnt be writting this if it would be something passing but has anybody else been feeling like that?

    I know that i can mostly talk about everything with her but she has known me as the virgin in our relationship and im scared that she wouldnt be able to look at me anymore after I tell or and if we decide to go through it.

    would you guys still be with your gf afterwards?

    sorry for any mistakes it is the middle of the night ;D
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    Well, I think you should ask your girlfriend how lesbian is she and whether she's up for a threesome. For most men, a threesome is an elusive fantasy, so I think the two of you together could probably convince just about any guy you like to come home with you. So I think you could suggest it to your girlfriend and she might take it as a challenge to get you laid. If she's not up for that, or is the jealous type and shoots it down, I wouldn't bring it up again so she won't accuse you of cheating. But you might have to sneak off when she's not around and do it yourself or see what the future holds.

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