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Thread: I know this is wrong but...

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    I know this is wrong but...

    I'm a 16 year old lesbian and I want to be in a relationship with a 30+ year old. Its difficult because im well aware that it is both dangerous and illegal, but i can't shake off the thought. Has anyone else been through something similar?

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    Know that this crush will pass. Know that legalities aside for a moment, you two are two far apart in age at this stage in your life for this to ever work. There is too great a difference in life experience and maturity.

    Who is this person? Take time and space away from her, if you can.

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    This has more than bad news written all over it. Depending where you're from, the 30+ year old could find themselves in jail (rightly so). You're still a child and this other person is almost old enough to be your mother (I am assuming you're talking about a female). Nothing good can come from this.

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    I guessing that this woman in her 30s is confident in herself and her sexuality, and that's what attracts you. She's been through the problems of growing up gay and has weathered it well. You probably hope to be like her when you're older. Just be careful, the attraction you feel may be of admiration rather than love. You don't want to mistake one for the other. Also you might want to get a little bit more maturity before entering into a relationship with someone much older than you because you don't want to come off as an adoring kid and you want to be taken as an equal.


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