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Thread: Weird period

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    Weird period

    Hi. Iím not really sure whatís going on with my body Iíve been having a lot of weird things going on. The past couple of weeks Iíve been feeling sick and throwing up. (Figured it was nerves not being pregnant) weíll this past week I was having pains kinda like cramps but weird near my right side. I figured it might be because I was ovulating well. I was suppose to start my period yesterday. I didnít. I had like a brown ish slim and then a blood clot/slim ball thing come out of me. This morning I woke up cramping so I thought maybe I was getting my period. Iím on the pill and have been for 4 yrs so I know how my period is suppose to be. Iím hardly bleeding when I did bleed it was more like spotting and it was red much period is usually brown. I waited for a couple hours and Iím not bleeding now Everytime I wipe it gets lighter and lighter itís now like a very faint light brown. I had sex over a week ago with my boyfriend who is now in bootcamp whatís going on with my body?!? HELP

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    A pregnancy test can easily answer this question...

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