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Thread: Need help on communication and understanding

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    I agree with you. I didn't want to move in so early and 'play house' so to speak. Some situations arose and it was the best option for her and her child to move in with me. Unfortunately it seems things keep happening making it difficult to leave or kick her out rather. It's my house. She has no family now and I don't know where she would go.

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    It wasn't my idea for us to live together. Far from it. She pushed it on me and I felt bad because she needed to get of living with her room mate who was abusing drugs and she has a kid. I let them move in which was supposed to be temporary and her and her cousin were going to get a place together. One thing after another has happened. She lost her job out of blue (not her fault and has started a new job but the pay is much less) her cousin died, my dad fell and was hospitalized and I had to turn my life upside down taking care of him now that he's home. I sometimes feel the world is against us. As soon as we start to get along something else happens that puts her in this terrible mood and we can't communicate at all and my feelings are constantly hurt from being ignored all the time.

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