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Thread: Verbal and Emotional Abuse

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    Verbal and Emotional Abuse

    Is there any guys out there that have experienced verbal and emotional abuse from their girlfriends? What were some of the things they said or text you that were abusive and what were some of the things they did to you? I'm recently broken up with a gal that I feel verbally and emotionally attacked me on many levels, but then would proclaim how much they loved me. Why do I feel so confused and why do I miss them? After all, they made me feel full of anxiety on so many levels.

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    I haven't experienced it myself but I have read a lot about it and you can read more if you Google emotional abuse. There's actually one post here a couple of days ago that documented about 30 things a girlfriend said to her boyfriend that belittled and degraded him. You should look around for it.

    The big one seems to be accusing you of always cheating on her. This includes talking to anyone on the phone or even looking at a picture of a girl. That usually starts a big row and both get angry. She'll make up with you a couple of days later and everything will be fine until she starts it up all over again. Or she'll pick on some minor thing to cause another fight you might even break up over, but she'll apologize and things will be fine until the next time. She'll accuse you of not paying her enough attention, being around your friends too much, spending too much time on your hobbies. She'll even say she's not good enough for you to get a response out of you. During the fights she'll call you all sorts of names. The point of all this is to break you down. She wants to turn you into a servant doing what she wants, when she wants, and don't think of doing something on your own. Eventually you'll feel depressed and terrible and won't know exactly why because you can't see what she's doing to you. If you wait too long, you'll be completely trapped. I think that's what was happening to you and why you feel so bad.

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