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Thread: I am confused with how things are going with her

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    I am confused with how things are going with her

    So, just recently I started dating this girl from the Philippines. Since about October 9th. We have been going out, hanging out, I have been helping her with homework, and trying all kinds of new things together. The relationship started getting serious when she told me she loved me, and since then, we have been saying it to each other 24/7, but she won't consider us boyfriend and girlfriend yet.

    A week ago, we did something though. Things got a bit "hot" and we ended up having sex. The problem was, I was a bit unpracticed, and she told me she didn't like it. But she was still saying she loved me and texted me often. Until a few days ago.

    I went to work in the morning and noticed she hasn't sent me a single well formulated text, she didn't want to call me, and she was out till 1:30am with her parents. The conversation has just been, "hey, hi, and okays". Then she cancels multiple hangout dates we planned before, and lies about working, goes to the mall instead. I only find out because I went to the mall and happened to see her. No texts at all this day, but she does call me before bed to tell me she loves me and misses me. The next day, same thing. She says she loves me, but she cancels another date we planned, a more romantic date.

    Now I find out she has some kind of stalker, a girl, that she asked me to block on all social media. Then s few hours later, changes her profile picture and banner to some random motivational pictures. Where before, they were of us. She told me that this was to prevent the stalker from seeing us. But it doesn't add up. She tells me first she loves me, and misses me as well. Today she told me that she is on her period, that she is moody and doesn't want to talk because of that. But she had a her period a week before.

    I don't know, everything about this just doesn't add up and feels weird. I don't want to lose her though, because I felt something special with her.

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    Usually it means that she's found someone else, but you're correct, her behavior is strange. It might be because of the stalker. It's difficult to say without more info.

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    No it's not because of the "stalker" if that story is even true.

    She lost interest after sex. She's doing the fade, at most keeping you on backburner .

    Not sure why men are so surprised by this, men lose interest after sex all the time (it's all over this and other forums and hear it in outdide world as well).

    When women send such mixed messages ('saying' she misses you, but not responding to texts or finding excuses not to see you) best to focus more on her actions, not her words.

    I also think a woman who gave a * would "never" tell a guy she "didn't like" the sex, after first time.. That's just insensitive and cruel.

    She's done.

    So should you be.


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