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Thread: Hi

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    I dated a guy for 3years it was the first for us both and things were great! We had few differences,but doesn't everyone has them? Well so he started to get a little distant and annoyed at everything, also started getting close to a girl he met. Then asked me for a break i accepted and he started getting more and more close to this another girl i kept asking him if he wants us or not but he kept saying he doesn't know im confused. After 4months we broke up but i still loved him. Later after 2months he got into relationship with the same girl. She is more like him and they get all well it seems. It just breaks my heart that he did this to me. I asked him so many times if he likes her and wants to leave but he kept denying and pointing out my trust issues whereas i was right all along!! He said mean things about me he really hurted me alot.he is very egoistic in nature. I think im fine now that things ended but the way they ended breaks my heart, we were best friends i really loved him
    I wish the best for him but sometimes i also wonder if he'll ever realise i really loved him and he did wrong to me

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    Stop chatting with this guy and move on with your life. It will only hurt you more not to get him out of your hair. Don't let him talk his way back into your life when he breaks up with this girl. He's a jerk, or he's just too young to form a steady relationship. Move on.

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