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Thread: Sexting another girl? Do I end it?

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    Originally Posted by mandeelove
    I learned that for me once trust is broken I could never trust again despite the evidence. It takes a truly strong and forgiving person to take back a cheater. Its tough and it becomes your responsibility also. If you are willing to almost forget the action, then it could work. I never let my ex live it down and so he eventually ended it. I was very smothering of him after the incident. No person can deal with that .
    That was exactly my situation. Never got past the cheating, partly because she never did take the lead role (or any role) to repair the trust she breached or the hurt she caused, but ultimately, I could never trust her again. Nor love the same way and she ended it

  2. 11-07-2017, 02:25 PM

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    This is so very true!

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