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Thread: I'm having an unhealthy cyber relationship with this guy

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    I'm having an unhealthy cyber relationship with this guy

    Hello! Recently I have been in an unhealthy relation with a guy I met on the Internet. He actually got my contact from a porn website. I know I shouldn't expect any kind of serious relationship with a guy I met from porn website, but I'm always like this. When I talk to someone for a while, and I like their personality, I become attached to them. And he's really sweet and funny. I asked him once if he was single or not, he told me that it was complicated, but he's single. He told me that he had a wife, and 3 kids, but his wife took their kids and went back to Italy (their homeland) while he's still living in Thailand. I thought he's hiding something, so I put his name in Google and finally found some information about him and his family. I kinda found out that his wife didn't actually took their kids and run away from him, but more like she took the kids to Italy for summer break. Before I found out about this, he asked me to go out and meet him once. We made out, but didn't do anything further.

    The thing is, I feel so worthless, like he sees me as a sex toy he can use when his wife is away. We still talk, and I always feel good when he acts like he cares. At the same time, I feel guilty because I shouldn't have feelings for someone who already has a wife. I know he only wants me for sexual pleasure, but I still want to keep talking to him. I try to distract myself by doing things I like so that I don't think of him as much, but it doesn't work very well. What should I do?

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    No shame to your game here.

    But the fact of the matter is, when you put yourself out there a certain way on certain sites, you're more likely to attract certain kind of people that may not end up being the type of person you had intended or thought you had met or thought you were. It's clear what this guys intentions are, and YOU need to decide if you're okay with that situation. There is no buttering this up, there is no sugarcoating this - he met you on a porn website because he wanted you for sex and lied to you so you would be more interested in talking with him. Are you okay with that? That's the question here, I feel like in this situation you're trying look at it through rose tinted glasses. There are just the facts, and you need to decide if you're okay with those facts or not. Simple as that.

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    ^ That's good advice.

    Only thing I can add is that you are clearly not okay with this situation, so you should do the right thing by yourself and block him from contacting you.

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