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Thread: Am confuse..need your advice pls!

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    Am confuse..need your advice pls!

    I've bn married for 6month, been trying to conceive. For the past 2-3month ve been seeing my period on 16. But last month my period came on d 11. Afterward i had several unprotected sex wit my hubby. Few weeks later i began 2 experience peggy signs like having cramps like period, feeling tired, hungry even after eating for a short period, moody sometime, pains and streching below my abdomen, bloating and fraquent urine especially at night and breast tenderness and pains. I took a urine test at home on 10 but is negative and today is 13 still i feel d symstoms. Should i wait till my initial period date on 16? Or is it possible i might b pregnant. Am confuse

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    I think you should relax and see what happens. You didn't list your age, but periods can be affected by strong emotions as well as your age. They can be regular until they're not. You could even miss a period for whatever reasons. You might have be having it now without any blood. My wife and I have experienced all sorts of permutations over the years. Yeah, take a test again in a couple of days and see if it's positive.

  3. 11-10-2017, 05:36 AM

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