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Thread: A guy from tinder keeps disturbing me

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    A guy from tinder keeps disturbing me

    I knew him from Tinder but we never met. We texted for a few days and texted a few topics about sex . After a few months, I am in a new relationship. Soon he texted again And I explicitly told him I have a boyfriend now. And he said he understand.
    Yet, he keeps sending me text once a few month, which I never replied to any of those. So what should I do? It is real creepy for a stranger to keep texting you every few months.

    More importantly, he already went back to his country. So what should I do to stop him?
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    Block him?

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    Quote Originally Posted by figureitout23 [Register to see the link]
    Block him?
    My bad i forgot to mention this. I blocked him once and he used another number to text me

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    You have to be more direct. Tell him you do not want him to talk to you anymore out of respect for your bf. If he continues after that, tell him if he doesn't stop then you will call the police on him for harassment. If he still contacts you, make that call and press charges on him. The police would need to come over and view the evidence (messages) and will proceed accordingly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rapunzel111 [Register to see the link]
    My bad i forgot to mention this. I blocked him once and he used another number to text me
    Then block that number too.

    And yes, tell him he's being blocked, and that you are screen-shotting all his text messages, and that you will go to police.

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    The police have better things to do, particularly if he's in another country. Considering blocking a number takes all but three seconds, I'm not sure why your brain tells you, "Oh shucks looks like I'm just stuck with this" when he happens to text you with a new phone. Just block the second number. Tell him off prior to doing so if you feel you must.

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    If he messages you again, tell him in no uncertain terms that he is not to contact you anymore. You can tell him you are going to keep a record of all unwanted contact from this point forward and will pass it on the correct authorities if he does not stop. Even if you don't have any intention of actually doing so, tell him you do. Make him believe you mean business.

    How do you know he's actually in another country?

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    Heís probably testing the waters to see if youíre interested in re-engaging in sex talk. Tell him outright that you are in a serious relationship and you do not wish to hear from him again. Also, make it equally clear that should he text you from another number you will continue to ignore him. Then do just that, as well as blocking every number he texts you from. Heíll soon run out of options or patience.

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    Don't use the "out of respect for my boyfriend" excuse.

    He'll assume if NOT for the BF, you'd want HIM, so he still has a chance and will try harder.

    Tell him in no uncertain terms you are NOT interested in him, and if he doesn't stop harassing you, you will report him to authorities.

    Be very assertive when you say it, don't try to be "nice."

    If that doesnt work, have your BF step in and next time this bozo contacts you, have your BF text back (or call) and say "if you don't stop harassing my gf, I will personally track you down and kick your sorry a$$"!

    Lol, on second thought, no don't do that, my ex did that once with a guy who was harassing me and I was mortified!

    Tell him yourself and be assertive!
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    Thanks guys. Yea the police option is off the table. Well I dont know for sure he's back to his country but he told me before his visa only last for a year. And his facebook ( i unfriended him) said he's back to his hometown too. So I think he is really not in the state right now


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