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This sounds very similar to my boyfriend. We have been together for almost 2.5 years and we have a 1 year old together and we live together. My boyfriend is ADDICTED to porn, in where he comes home from work and locks himself in the bathroom for 1-2 hours in the tub watching it. On his days off he stays home all day, alone, watching it. At night when we are supposed to be watching tv together, he will randomly start watching it. It is soo annoying and I've told him several times to stop and he keeps it up. The ONLY difference is my boyfriend has an extremely high sex drive. We are intimate atleast every other day or every 2 days. Which is why maybe I have tolerated his actions for so long. He doesn't go to strip clubs but he likes to get "massages". Before we started dating he would go a lot to get happy endings. Now he swears he doesn't and he says he just goes for a normal back massage. But I have caught him several times lying about where he was cause he was getting a massage. Why lie about where you are if you are just getting a harmless massage smh. I would never tolerate him going to a strip club. He knows very well that doing that is off limits. I know very well how hard it is to leave the whole situation. I'm waiting to have more money cause I am at my breaking point. My boyfriend is 29 years old and seeing that yours is 40 years old, this doesn't give me hope that my man will change. I guess some men just don't know how to be in a relationship. Lay down what your ground rules are and if he can't compromise then it may be about time to move on. Spending money all the time on strip clubs is not acceptable family behavior. It's time for him to grow up.
Sorry, but your bf is getting serviced by prostitutes. You can't be so naive! Your situation is worse.