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Thread: What started as promising ends badly

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    What started as promising ends badly

    Hello there. I will try to keep it short. I seek some advice.
    Basically I used to hang out on discord with a group containing some guys and a girl. We were chatting and playing and slowly me and the girl started liking each other.
    Before I went on vacation she admited she likes me so during my 2 week holiday we chatted a lot. At some point in a phone call she admited shes in love.

    Now, after I got back home she doesn't seem that interested anymore. She no longer puts any effort, shes not sweet in any of our chats. She no longer wants to play and speak only with me like she used to. Also her behavior changed, shes avoiding flirting (which we had before and she liked it a lot). We mostly have lame chats at the moment. I'm guessing she now takes me and my attention for granted.

    What should I do? Should I distance my self? Should i ask her anything? I was willing to go soon enough and visit her city but i want some assurence its worth my time, effort and money which i dont have much.

    Thank you!

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    If this is solely an online thing, and you'll never run into each other in real life (unless you want to), then I say distance yourself. There are too many unknowns in this type of relationship, and worrying over it will just make your life one big riddle.

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    It sounds like he met someone in real life/ someone who is not long-distance. Her behaviour indicates that she is no longer interested in pursuing a romantic relationship with you. These things happen, especially when it's long distance. No need to take it personally. The best thing would be to distance yourself and move on. Ideally, you need to find someone who is not long-distance like that.

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