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Thread: we were never a thing

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    Unhappy we were never a thing

    I met this guy, like a year ago, and he lived like a few towns away from me, but i recently moved to another country. so, i was in my country a month ago, and me and the guy met up. I had feelings for him, and he had them for me. he started kissing me, holding hands, and all the things a boyfriend would do in public. we even made out in an alley.

    when he went to get his train, back to his house, and i was already in mine, he said he couldn't handle the distance, and i was heartbroken. the next morning he said he wanted to give it a try, but we ended it after 4 days, him saying he didn't wanna spill the chance he had with me, and he wanted to try again in the future, so we wouldn't mess up

    I went back to spain, the country where i moved to, and we started texting back and forth, and things got personal. he told me he still liked me, we sexted a few times, and 5 days ago, he told me that he started to love me. he constantly reminded me how pretty i was, how lucky that he was with me, eventhough we weren't in an actual relationship. we acted like we were in one, he said he couldn't wait for the moment he could kiss me again, how much he missed me, and how much he loved me.

    so, he went on a trip with his school, and we hadn't talked, and i thought it was because he was enjoying it, like living his life on that trip. well, i thought wrong. he started a conversation, saying that he got some news, that he got himself a girlfriend, so i should stop texting him.

    i was obviously heartbroken again, ended up crying all day. it all happened so fast, 5 days ago he said he started to love me, and yesterday he said he had a new girlfriend. I don't know how to handle my feelings right now, so i really need some advice.

    i still really like him and i hate the fact that we can't talk anymore. i need someone to talk to, i didn't have anyone to talk to, about my feelings, except for him, but he's gone now. please help me...

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    Did you only meet him once? He was stringing you along. He already had a girlfriend. You were a little fling for him. Sorry.

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