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Thread: My cat died unexpectidly... I cannot stop crying.. That was like my little baby...

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    Originally Posted by plasmajam
    I am a former Captain in the US Army Combat Arms. A real tough guy. I lost my cat "Buttons" last year. When the veterinarian told me that the humane thing to do was to put her to sleep I asked a lot of questions and it was apparent to me that Buttons' suffering must end now. He gave her the first of two shots and my kitty seemed very relaxed and happy. The second shot was given and...well...suffice to say I walked outside the vet's office and cried. Not a sniffle kind of choking up, but an, "I don't care who see's me" wailing full-blown head in my hands, tearful, agonizing break down... and I was crying out, "My baby! Oh, my baby! What am I going to do without my baby?" I am tearful as I type this, but it does get less painful as time goes by. I feel I understand how upset you are about the loss of your beloved Dexter...when the time comes for our babies to go to kitty heaven, I can't help but feel our much loved kitties would love to see us being as happy as we can as they wait for us at their cat food bowl and things can be like they used to...only without all the frailties of life on Earth. I pray for the Lord to remove your sorrow. I almost couldn't handle my baby passing on, but I did. You will get through this and will surely see your baby again.

    Note: My views expressed here are just that...MY views. I am not telling anyone how to handle the loss of a beloved pet...just what works for me. There is no intent on my part to proselytize for any religious organization or to definitively dictate exactly what happens at the time of any being's passing.
    Infantry vet myself. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to be with Napoleon when he was put to sleep. He had a couple close calls before and I told my mother to tell me if he looked bad again and I'd fly out to be there should the deed need to be done. Looking back, maybe it would have been a bit crazy paying $700 for a same-day plane ticket, but he was 18 and I'd had him since I was a kid. Loved the little guy so much.

    My mom called me and broke the news. Said the veterinarian told her he was in a lot of pain and she immediately agreed he should be put down. I'm glad she didn't wait for me as I'd rather he didn't suffer another minute. My now fiancee was fortunately right next to me and I just started full-on bawling, snot dripping and everything. I experienced a lot of **** in the Army, but your brain's in a mode to at least to some extent be desensitized. I think this was the first time I'd relaxed and sober been hit with a big loss. First and only time my lady has seen me cry in the 3.5 years we've been together.

    Honestly, I have pretty much completely gotten over him passing on. But of course if I could have him back, I would in a heartbeat. Last year I ended up getting a kitten from the ASPCA... barely 4 weeks old, tiny, tiny little thing. It's going to be a dark, dark day when I have to say goodbye to her after watching her grow from an actual baby kitten to (hopefully) a spoiled old cat.

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    it's absolutely expected to be so emotional about it, and it can take a while to settle.

    i couldn't stop crying for weeks, and took a full six months to fully get over it. i dread the day my senior dog goes. i'm lifting because i don't want him to walk to the table like a sheep to slaughter- he goes in my arms, as my humans did.

    give yourself time and freedom to feel whatever you feel is all i can say, and remember you and the furball gave one another a priceless companionship.

    i'm terribly sorry for your loss. when my cat died, my loved ones thought my reaction was excessive for "only" losing a pet. thankfully, i was surrounded with fervent pet lovers who allowed and assured me it's okay to feel it as a colossal loss.

    i echo the suggestion to get involved socially so you can get out of the house some, as the isolation must have intensified your bond with the furry, and your grief likewise.

    keep posting all you need to.


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    I want to thank everyone for your sympathies. It is very hard to loose the ones we truly love...

    I have some videos of my Dexter on my phone and his picture is on my phone's screen... and each time I pick it up (phone) I kiss the screen, telling how much I miss him. I have my Dexter berried in my yard, I go every morning to tell good morning to my baby, I tell how much I miss him...

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