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Thread: No key, no commitment?

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    May 2017
    I agree with everyone else.

    Why can't he get you a key if he has to go into work? Just for you to get inside the door? Maybe have you meet him at his work?

    Sounds like he's afraid you'll find something he doesn't want you to see.

    He's told you exactly what he wants: a casual relationship, where you'll come to him, and you'll wait for him, without commitment, at his convenience. Oh, and he gets all the sex he wants while you're there. He barely has to lift a finger.

    I'd be so outta this relationship.

    Oh, wait....the dog thing. I'm so sorry, but he's using that as an excuse.

    Buh bye.

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    You waste two hours of your precious time waiting? If you continue on with this you will continue to wait and wait. Use that two hours of finding someone new and genuine and take his word that he is not ready for that kind of commitment.

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    I can understand he can't sleep at your house because of the dog --- but why not suggest you meet halfway or have dinner near your house -- then he can go home and let the dog out --- or welcome the dog to your home. I could never just spend the night somewhere with dogs. I either went home or could only visit overnight with relatives or people where my dogs were welcome to come.

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