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Thread: Idk if I still love my boyfriend I'm confused

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    Idk if I still love my boyfriend I'm confused

    I have been with my bf for a year and month. And I'm not sure I still love him well I do but not in love with him. He's my first relationship I'm 19 and he's 21 and he says he I'm the only one but sometimes I don't imagine a future with him mostly because I'm realistic and it's my first relationship. But recently this week I have seen him that much and we havent had sex in a month because I got a iud birth control and I can't. I just know if I'm loosing interest or it's because I haven't seen him and haven't had sex. He says I have abandonment issues which I don't, I call him a lot mostly because I'm bored or I get mad because something doesn't go my way and I say I don't wanna be with him. But even when I say that he doesn't believe me. Idk if im being stupid.

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    I think you've outgrown the relationship.

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