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Thread: "Are you sure about reconnecting?"

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    I feel for you. I really do. I have been where you are. You want to keep the lines open and it scares you to cut those lines for fear that she might think if you don't have the lines of communication open that its over. That you are showing her that you don't care or want to see her. Its a huge fear that you have and so you send messages and want to let her know you still care and you rationalize it. Even a little text is a way to say that you still want "US" to happen. I have been there.

    Letting go does not mean letting the opportunity for her to come back go. All you are doing is closing the damaged chapter and allowing a new one to form. You keep this part of her life open but she probably doesn't want to because you hurt her. She wants to forget, you keep the wound open. You give it time to close and heal, then you let her decide on her own what she wants. That's the advice you are getting.

    No one can tell you with 100% certainty what is going to happen. But I can tell you that you decrease your odds with every letter, message, text you send her or her family. You are not letting her go to breathe. You keep that dark chapter open and I get you. That's the one connection you feel you have so you keep it alive.

    You have said your peace, you have told her you want to be with her, now let her live, gain experience, date other guys, see new sights and let her grow and let her naturally come to you. Maybe she will and maybe she wont. You don't know that. So what you do is you yourself go out there and breathe and grow. Better yourself, accomplish your goals, date other girls and make yourself happy and place yourself in a situation that if this girl wants to come back, you can decide yes or no. Who knows, maybe by then you have met another girl (I know you think I'm crazy, but it can happen)

    Let her go..It will be best for her and for you

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    I only read no1's input but it sounds like excellent advice to all who are having trouble letting go of an ex

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    Im struggling to let go and have just read No1's reply. Super words and helpful. Excellent advice.

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