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Thread: My girlfriend cut herself what do I do?

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    My girlfriend cut herself what do I do?

    So basically I'm 17 as is my girlfriend we have been together for almost 2 years and last year her mother suddenly passed away. Ever since she has been depressed and began to talk about suicide in a joking sort of way more often. I have been there for her every step of the way and done everything I can to comfort and support her I spen every second I have free with her and try my best to cheer her up. Then the other night she text me apologiseing for no reason and then I find out that she had cut herself 3 times on her arm they are not incredibly deep but that isn't the point she doesn't want to tell anybody and I have no idea what to do I've never been in this position before and I am scared to lose her or even upset her invade hse does it again she claims she won't but she is very depressed Getting Ready for a First Date

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    You need to talk to someone at the school and get her into counseling. I think you should attend the sessions with her or at least wait in the lobby.

    The cutting is a huge danger, she needs help asap. Maybe you can call one of those suicide hotlines and ask for advice. I don't know much about this but do not be confrontional with her in any manner.

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    You are way, way out of your depth here. You don't say what your situation is, but would she have access to a counsellor or bereavement counsellor? You can support her in getting professional help, and that's the most caring thing you can do.

    The cutting is most likely not an actual suicide attempt, more a way of releasing unbearable emotions that she can't express in any other way, but "joking" about suicide isn't a joke at all - as you probably realise.

    If you can, get support for yourself as well. It is very stressful trying to support someone going through this kind of experience, and it may continue to be very stressful if she starts to get better, too.

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    Speaking from my experience as a suicidal person and someone who too has lost a precious family member, please call a hotline or get her into counseling as soon as possible. She might not try to kill herself yet, but the amount of horrible feelings she has right now, might affect her in later years.

    You are great to her, I can see that and I am sure that your attention helps her a lot, but remember, that at this time she can feel very little besides depression and grief, so you must take care of yourself too. Make sure you guys get enough sleep and eat, try to take her out as much as possible, it will help you too.

    Wishing you good recovery and healing.


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    Talk to a school counselor IMMEDIATELY when you get to school tomorrow.

    If she makes ANY "jokes" or statements about committing suicide later tonight, call the police. They will respond to suicide attempts with upmost seriousness. She may not like it, but suicide is not funny. She really needs professional help and it needs to start now.

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    Thanks everyone for your advice I will try and get her help from a councillor immediately

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