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Thread: Let it out without letting it out

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    Let it out without letting it out

    Would help right now

    "Anger issues. You have anger issues".



    Did I have anger issues before you started telling me I had anger issues?

    How do you get angry with someone who is trying to make you angry?
    Who feels pleasure when you are angry.

    Even when you're not in front of them.
    When you're angry alone. They still see you.

    Being calm. "You're too calm".
    Being angry. "You have anger issues".

    You need help.

    Get help.

    Then come back.

    You were supposed to help me.

    What's going on?

    Google. Google. Google. Google. Porn. Alcohol. Google. Google. Sleep. Sleep. Sleep.

    Google........ search results: Gaslighting.


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    He who writes the run on haiku poem. Never achieves inward peace and happiness.


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